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Business Accelerator Program


($10,000 cash grant and $10,000 in executive consulting)

The Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GHCC) is pleased to announce a special initiative through our Hispanic Business Center (HBC). We are launching a new HBC Business Accelerator Program focused on empowering our small business membership base

Small businesses have unique strategy discernment challenges which are amplified by vital capital limitations. In this stage of the business lifecycle there is a continuous strategic evolution and constant working capital need coupled by scalability issues.  Most small business owners do not have access to guidance and are left to fend for themselves or to find partial solutions to these challenges.

As a solution to these real problems, the GHCC has partnered with Atlantic Consulting Solutions (ACS) to create a unique program that integrates three key business pillars:

1) Executive training through a specialized workshop for a select group of businesses focused on helping them create a solid plan.  This full-day workshop will focus on strategy, finance, marketing and sales.  It consists of theoretical content, practical exercises and individual company hands-on team projects.

2) Funding support in the form of a $10,000 grant for the winner of the Business Accelerator contest to support in the execution of the strategic plan.

3) Strategic consulting services for a full year to guide the business in the implementation of the strategic plan.

This comprehensive and practical approach will give participating companies a clear process to success and powerful tools to achieve i Save t!

We welcome all our current and new members to apply.  Application details are as follows:

  • Grant Opportunity: $10,000 in cash and a $10,000 value in Executive Consulting for a year.
  • Application Due Date:  Apply by August 16th, 2019 (applicants must meet the criteria and answer all questions indicated).
  • Program Cost: $495 per participating company (includes up to 3 employees of the same company to participate in the Business Accelerator workshop, the application submission and the competition for the $20,000 prize).
  • Business Accelerator Workshop Date: September 14, 2019 (Location TBD)
  • Business Accelerator Competition Finalist: November 20, 2019 at the Georgia Hispanic Business Conference and Expo.

Criteria that must be met to apply and participate in the Hispanic Business Center – Business Accelerator Program

  • Be a current or new member of the GHCC
  • Hispanic owned or partnership
  • Owner / Partner or high -level key decision-maker to participate
  • Owner / Partner or High-level key decision maker is passionate to learn and take advice
  • Generate $250,000 or more in total annual revenues
  • Business has 2+ employees or subcontractors
  • Business must have an online presence
  • Business is looking for ways to continue to scale and grow
  • Is not a life-style business
  • Has minimum two years of revenue generation
  • Has filed at least two years of tax returns
  • Two full years of Financial Statements (P&L and Balance Sheet)
  • No active legal issues
  • Low debt (that is manageable and not over leveraged)
  • Pay the $495 (per business) program and application fee

Payment Plan

Payment Options

Please complete and respond to the following questions to the best of your ability

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    If you have questions about the program, please contact Gabriel Vaca, HBC Executive Director at  or 770-375-9067

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