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In 2018 the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with Antonio Molina, embarked on a new venture, a journey, a long-overdue project. Together they created and began for the first time in Georgia’s history a recognition to honor Georgia’s Most Influential Latinos. The endeavor was not easy, and both understood the importance of ensuring that the credibility of the honor was beyond reproach. As such, they reached out to the various stakeholders in the community and created a genuinely diverse committee to handle the selection process. Their task, to collective select those individuals, reflecting the multiple sectors, that have an insurmountable impact on the community, our state, and nationally.

In 2019, the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce decided that it would begin to recognize those that throughout the years have gone above and beyond the call of duty; that it would highlight trailblazers and game-changers that laid the foundation and the path for others to emulate. Those who continue to have a lasting effect on our state, the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame. Webster defines the hall of fame as “a structure housing memorials to famous or illustrious individuals usually chosen by a group of electors.” Illustrious means to be well known, respected, and admired for past achievements, which is precisely was this award represents, those in the community who are eminent, distinguished, acclaimed, noted, notable, noteworthy, prominent, paramount, prestigious, significant, and influential.

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