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Tiffany Gilbert 2022-05-31T22:41:11-04:00

Tiffany Gilbert

Tiffany Gilbert is the Managing Director of Accenture’s Atlanta Innovation Hub based in the heart of Tech Square. In this role, Tiffany and her team bring together Atlanta’s best minds to explore, imagine and invent the future together. They bring cross-industry groups together along with resident experts from across the globe to solve to the challenges business face today to capitalize on the promise of the future. Solving problems is a collaborative sport and the breakthroughs taking place within the Innovation Hub today are making the way into organizations across the country at an unprecedented speed.

Her career started in law where she advocated for the best possible contract terms for her clients. This work led her to Accenture as she had a knack for developing pricing and commercial strategy that generated win:win results. While Accenture is a passionate advocate for change in the market, internally they’re equally passionate about holding space for employees to grow and evolve which is what attracted her to the lead role for the Innovation Hub in Atlanta.

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