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GHCC Discovers El Salvador – International Business Mission Trip

Join the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GHCC) for an exciting international business mission trip to the beautiful country of El Salvador brought to you by the GHCC in partnership with the Consulate of El Salvador.  Attendees will participate in industry-specific visits, travel and meet with Salvadoran Ambassador Milena Mayorga, learn and network with the National Ministry of Economic and Foreign Affairs among other dignitaries. You can expect business-to-business and business to government meetings, Cultural experiences, industry specific Business roundtable with the national government organization.  Attendees will enjoy 4 days and 4 nights total in San Salvador and Surf City. During this trip, attendees will explore the business landscape of El Salvador and discover new opportunities for growth and collaboration. From networking events with key business and government leaders to site visits, this mission trip will provide valuable insights into the local market and help you expand your global business reach.


Why Attend:

From its favorable business environment to its strategic location, El Salvador has emerged as one of the best countries to launch a business. El Salvador is focused on a pro-business policies and regulations. The government has implemented various measures to encourage foreign investment and business, including tax incentives, streamlined registration processes, and a supportive legal framework. El Salvador has 8 trade treaties and 3 agreements with countries such as the United States, Mexico, Taiwan, and the European Union. This gives it access to a potential market of approximately 1.049 billion consumers.

El Salvador’s strategic location in Central America also provides easy access to regional markets such as Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. This geographical advantage opens up opportunities for trade and expansion into neighboring countries. Furthermore, the country boasts a skilled workforce with competitive labor costs. With a growing pool of talented professionals across various industries, businesses can find qualified employees at affordable rates.

Here are some key sectors where investors can benefit:

  1. Manufacturing: El Salvador boasts a mature plastics and textile industry that has evolved. With its well-established infrastructure, the country presents a prime destination for the outsourcing needs of international companies. It exports over USD 7M of medical devices each year.
  2. Agribusiness: El Salvador’s tropical climate and diverse microclimate make it an ideal location for agribusiness. As well as catering to specific market niches, it offers opportunities for food production and processing. Agribusiness produced a 19% share of total exports in 2022.
  3. Tourism: The country is known for its amazing waves, recognized worldwide as some of the best for surfing. It has many natural attractions, including beaches with some of the best surfing breaks on the Pacific Coast, lush forests shrouded in cool temperatures with abundant wildlife, scenic mountain-top vistas, and over 2,000 known archaeological sites, mostly of the Maya and Olmec cultures.
  4. Energy: El Salvador is a prime destination for investment in the energy sector, with transparent processes and clear rules that provide stability in rates. This makes it one of the most competitive markets in Central America, with a thriving participation in the regional electricity market (MER) born within the framework of the Electrical Interconnection System of the Countries of Central America (SIEPAC).

El Salvador: No taxes to tech innovation for economic growth

Recently, the Legislative Assembly celebrated a resounding victory as they approved the groundbreaking “Law for the Promotion of Innovation and Technology Manufacturing” with an overwhelming majority of 69 votes. This landmark legislation holds a primary objective of bolstering El Salvador’s economic growth and fostering sustainable development by propelling innovation and technological manufacturing, particularly in the realm of microelectronic and semiconductor components. One of the critical aspirations behind this law is to position El Salvador as a trailblazer in advanced technology manufacturing within Latin America, while simultaneously diversifying and expanding the nation’s pool of skilled talent in the technological manufacturing domain. Google recently announced its first GLOBAL expansion for GOOGLE CLOUD as its first expansion stop in Latin America.

Who Should Attend:

Small/ Medium/Large Business Owners, Government Officials, Corporations, Investors with an interest in El Salvador Investment or Import/Export Opportunities

Deadline to Register:

  • Early Bird Pricing Ends Sept 15th
  • Closing Date Registration September 22nd

What’s Included:

Hotels, meals, transportation on the ground in El Salvador ( airfare on your own- recommend DELTA flight and registrants will receive code for discounted airfare) ce
+ Match-making upon request *Limited capacity- once registration is complete you will fill an interest form for matchmaking opportunities


Opportunities available for dinner, lunch that include 1 attendee registration bundled.

Contact us:

at for more information Call- 404- 929-9998


30 Seats

Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to connect with like-minded professionals, learn about the business environment in El Salvador, and forge new partnerships. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience that will broaden your horizons and open doors to exciting business prospects. Register now and secure your spot for this exclusive mission trip. We look forward to welcoming you to GHCC Discovers El Salvador!

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