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Bienvenidos a la Cámara De Comercio Hispana de Georgia

Establecida en 1984, la Cámara de Comercio Hispana de Georgia tiene como objetivo principal la formación, crecimiento y desarrollo empresarial, con base en el compromiso cívico y de liderazgo. Ofrecemos servicios y programas a propietarios de negocios a través de consultas, talleres y seminarios. GHCC se une con organizaciones como el “Small Business Development Center” para brindar programas de calidad a la comunidad Hispana. Con más de 1,000 miembros, GHCC es una de las cámaras Hispanas más grandes de los Estados Unidos.



Necesitamos tu contribución. Tus donaciones son deducibles de impuestos y nos permiten continuar llevando acabo nuestra misión.

Más información

Informacion de los miembros

Informacion de los miembros

Disfruta de todos los beneficios que GHCC ofrece a los negocios e individuos

Más información

Why Join the Chamber?

Let us help your business!

501(c)3 and PAC certified. We will work with corporate foundations.

  • Over 10 networking & workshop opportunities each month
  • Access to networking groups: Gwinnett, North Fulton, Cobb, Southside, Hall & Savannah

  • Procurement opportunities with local, county and state government officials
  • Access to business accelerator program
  • Access to resources for business development
  • Proven track record for full-time GHCC representation from Jimmy McDonald and Jaime Rangel at Georgia State Capitol.
  • Accessibility to key legislators and political leaders impacting your business and local community.
  • Understanding of the political protocols and regulations created in legislative settings fosters knowledge, comfort, productivity to your business.
  • Leadership training through the Cultivating Hispanic Leadership Institute (CHLI) with the University of Georgia
  • Opportunities to represent the Chamber through the GHCC Ambassador Program
  • Access to Business Resource Group (BRGs)/Employee Resource Group (ERGs)
  • $25,000 Scholarship opportunity for Goizueta Business School Executive MBA
  • 45% women-owned businesses
  • Referral source for women business certification & minority-owned small business certification
  • Access to Latina Leadership Series
  • Partnership with ACE Women’s Business Center
  • Access to resources for business development
  • Access to Hispanic Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs (HYPE) community & events
  • Exposure to community leaders

  • Visibility and contact with potential employers
  • Personal and professional growth through networking, programs and seminars

Cinco fundamentos de GHCC

Más de 10 oportunidades de networking y talleres cada mes

Acceso a grupos de negocios: Gwinnett, North Fulton y Cobb,

Oportunidades de negocios con funcionarios del gobierno local, del condado y del estado.

Programa acelerador de negocios.

Acceso a recursos para el desarrollo empresarial.

Jimmy McDonald y Jaime Rangel trabajan tiempo completo representando a GHCC y velando por los intereses de la comunidad Hispana en el Capitolio del Estado de Georgia.

Acceso a legisladores y líderes políticos que podrían influir en las decisiones de tu negocio y de la comunidad local.

El conocimiento de los protocolos políticos y las regulaciones creadas en entornos legislativos fomenta la productividad de tu empresa.

A través del instituto de “Liderazgo Hispano” y en alianza con la Universidad de Georgia, ofrecemos capacitación para nuestros futuros líderes.

Puedes ser parte activa de GHCC y representar nuestra cámara a través del programa de embajadores

Obten acceso al grupo de recursos empresariales (BRG) / Grupo de Recursos de Empleados (ERG)

Ofrecemos la oportunidad de participar por una beca de $25,000 para inscribirte en el MBA ejecutivo que ofrece Goizueta Business School

45% de las empresas son propiedad de mujeres.

Somos una fuente de referencia para la certificación de negocios de mujeres y la certificación de pequeñas empresas propiedad de minorías

Acceso a la Serie de Liderazgo Latina

Alianza con el Centro de Negocios de Mujeres de ACE.

Acceso a recursos para el desarrollo empresarial.

Acceso a la comunidad y eventos de jóvenes profesionales y empresarios hispanos (HYPE).

Exposición a líderes comunitarios

Visibilidad y contacto con posibles empleadores.

Crecimiento personal y profesional a través de redes, programas y seminarios.


Member Testimonial

More info

The Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has allowed me the opportunity to bring my dream of being a business owner to a reality. Thanks to the Chamber, I was able to start my own business because they provided me with office space and support as a new business owner . ATL Search Group continues to grow and continues to provide employment opportunities to the Latino community.”

Lisa Guadalupe Clarke, Presidente y Fundadora, ATL Search Group
More info

I am a Latina and a woman. I have spent my whole life overcoming people’s views of what a woman can accomplish in a technology field. When I first was starting my business, I looked for a community where my business could thrive. I thought that GHCC would be just such a community of support. I was proud that The Chamber supported not just the Latin Community, but Latin women as well. Sometimes, this is not so common.

I am proud to say today that your support and your believing in me has paid off. My company, ItGresa Consulting Group, has just become certified as a Minority Business Enterprise by the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to give you feedback on the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Let me first say that my husband has a lot of visibility to other chambers of commerce through his work. So we can evaluate the value proposition of your excellent organization against others in the marketplace. We believe GHCC is one of the best values out there. We have opportunities to engage with other chambers, but GHCC is the right fit for us.

From the very first day at the chamber, I felt a sense of community, support, and a real warmth among the members and toward me and my business. I consider GHCC to be worth every penny; the chamber is clearly money well spent. GHCC is a great place to nurture a startup, and a place to build really good business momentum. I’ve also found it to be a great place to expose our business to other businesses, as well as a place to truly showcase our products and services.

I’m a big believer in the power of community, particularly the Latin community. I’ve found GHCC to be an ideal venue to reach the Latin market. I’d recommend GHCC to anyone trying to penetrate the Latin community, regardless of whether they are Latin or not. It just make good business sense.

I think GHCC provides a very valuable and cost effective service for all of us. It is one of the best values for the money that I am aware of anywhere.

Thank you for making me welcome at the chamber, and for providing all of the support to develop my business.

Tania Allen, ItGresa Consulting Group

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