International Economic Development

The GHCC facilitates international economic development through member invitations to international business match sessions, international expos, trade missions, and through direct connections between GHCC members and international companies and vice a versa.

In addition, the GHCC’s position in the international market lends itself to invitations to key international conventions providing vital international economic information to members upon our return. Such events have included:

  • Community sponsor of the America’s Competitiveness Forum in Atlanta, GA in 2008
  • Participant in the APEC (Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation) CEO Summit in Lima, Peru in 2008. GHCC President & CEO Tallman was invited to attend. The GHCC was the only Hispanic chamber in the nation to participate. We were one of two chambers from Georgia to participate. In 2008, this event was the most important business event in both the Asia Pacific and South American regions. It was held in conjunction with the APEC Leaders Summit hosted by Peru that gathered 21 world leaders of the 21 APEC member economies.
  • Co-host of the Commission on North American Social and Economic Prosperity in 2009. GHCC President & CEO Tallman was a member of the Commission. The GHCC co-hosted the convening of the commissioners. The convening was to discuss NAFTA fifteen years after its passage to explore the social and economic implications and issues moving forward.
  • Panelist at the Global Peace Business Forum in 2012. GHCC President & CEO Tallman was a panelist along with four former Presidents of Latin American countries.

Further, the GHCC often promotes other international events and conferences in which we have a relationship with the facilitating body.  Such as:

  • Host the then Minister of Trade, Queensland, Australia Stephen Robertson in 2008
  • Co-host of the then President of Colombia, President Uribe in 2008
  • Host of the former President of Mexico Vicente Fox in 2009
  • Host of the former U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela and Senior Advisor for Economic Initiatives, Western Hemisphere Affairs, Hon. Shapiro in 2008, 2010, 2011
  • Host of the then Columbian Ambassador to the U.S., Jorge Arguello in 2012
  • Host the President of CONCACAF Jeffrey Webb and the Gold Cup to commemorate the Gold Cup during the quarterfinals in 2013
  • Host to the Peruvian Ambassador to the U.S. Forsyth in 2014
  • Community sponsor of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition convening in Georgia. GHCC President & CEO Tallman is a Georgia advisory committee member.


Peru Ambassador Forsyth
Peru Ambassador Forsyth
President & CEO Tallman; Ambassador Forsyth; Eric Aponte, Peruvian Trade from Miami
President & CEO Tallman; Ambassador Forsyth; Eric Aponte, Peruvian Trade from Miami